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Database Architecture and Design

Video Description

Hear legendary Bill Inmon cover database architecture and design. There are six modules in the course:

  • The first clip covers database requirements. Understand the three factors of size, requirements, and environment that shape the database world. The concepts of both direct and indirect requirements are explained, as well as various types of designs such as data warehouses and data vaults. Operational and analytical are contrasted. Business purpose and criticalities of the data are explained. The cycle of data creation is explored, including reaction, event, capture, and absorption.
  • This second clip covers analytic and operational processing. Analytic and operational processing are explained and contrasted using many examples. It is emphasized that analytic and operational should not be mixed together. Characteristics of both operational and analytical are provided, such as granularity and timeliness.
  • This third clip covers systems software, logical and physical structure of data, keys and indexes, hashing, and I/O operations.
  • This fourth clip covers the various types of database structures including relational, hierarchical, networked, and flat file. Examples are provided. Data Definition Language (DDL), data dictionary, repository, normalization, and the corporate data model are all discussed.
  • This fifth clip covers database design, including design of operational and analytical systems. Data architecture, Extract Transform Load (ETL), operational data store (ODS), and dimensional modeling will be explored as well.
  • This sixth clip covers how to leverage text for decisions. The concepts of corporate data, textual ETL, and taxonomies will be discussed. Hearing the Voice of Your Customer will also be covered.