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David Busch’s Digital Infrared Pro Secrets

Book Description

Infrared photography can provide unique and flattering portraits, eye-catching close-ups of flowers, travel photographs unlike any you've ever seen before, and, if you know a few tricks, a new perspective on sports photography. You may have seen infrared photos without even being aware that they are infrared images! This full-color, hands-on book includes numerous do-it-yourself tutorials that show you how to convert your existing camera for IR use. You'll learn how to take infrared photos with both snapshot cameras and digital SLRs using a full range of shutter speeds and lens openings. You don't need a costly IR filter - you'll learn how to make your own! You'll be amazed to learn that many cameras, including dSLRs and consumer cameras like Canon PowerShot and Nikon CoolPix models, can be converted to shoot infrared photos full-time. Digital Infrared Pro Secrets will help you blow the lid off of IR photography!

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Author
  4. Preface
  5. Introduction
  6. Ready, Set, Go!
    1. Infrared Photography and You
      1. Infrared Photography Primer
      2. Next Up
    2. Inside an Infrared-Capable Camera
      1. Retinas, Film, and Sensors
      2. Why Some Cameras Are Better for IR
      3. Next Up
    3. Equipping Yourself
      1. What Makes a Good IR Camera?
      2. Your Camera Options
      3. Is Your Camera IR Capable?
      4. What Now?
      5. Obtaining an IR Filter
      6. Next Up
    4. Accessories After the Fact
      1. An Auxiliary Viewfinder
      2. Filters
      3. Getting Support from Tripods
      4. Electronic Flash
      5. Next Up
    5. IR Camera Conversions
      1. Advantages of IR Conversion
      2. Do It Yourself or Use a Conversion Service?
      3. Which Cameras Can Be Converted?
      4. Using a Conversion Service
      5. Converting Your Own Camera
      6. Next Up
  7. Oh, Shoot! Infrared Photo Techniques
    1. First Steps with Infrared Landscape Photography
      1. The Importance of White Balance
      2. Infrared Landscape Examples
      3. Next Up
    2. Flowers, Plants, and Close-Ups
      1. Stalking the Elusive Stalk
      2. Adding Interest to Infrared Flower Close-Ups
      3. More Flower and Plant Ideas
      4. Next Up
    3. People, Places, and Things
      1. Working with Tonal Values
      2. Infrared Portraits: Informal, Formal, and Candid
      3. Concerts and Special Events
      4. Next Up
    4. Architecture
      1. Your Architecture IR Arsenal
      2. Next Up
    5. Experimental Action
      1. Digital Cameras, Action, and IR
      2. Action Photography Considerations (Any Light Source)
      3. Shooting Sequences
      4. Next Up
  8. Ex Post (Processing) Facto
    1. Fixing Up Your Images
      1. Working with RAW Files
      2. Creating a Black-and-White IR Image
      3. Adjusting Tonal Values
      4. Next Up
    2. Color IR
      1. Channel Swapping Plus
      2. Other Color Effects
      3. Next Up
    3. Hard Copies Made Easy
      1. How IR Printing Differs
      2. Your Output Options
      3. Tips for Getting the Best Digital Prints at Home
      4. The Digital Lab Option
      5. Next Up
  9. Glossary of Photographic, Digital, and Infrared Terminology