A lot has happened since the first version of Day Trading For Dummies came out. We've had a global financial crisis. Brokerage firms have introduced smartphone apps for trading. NASDAQ shut down for three hours due to a systems failure. A new currency, the bitcoin, was invented. The rules of trading have changed along with all the financial and economic upheaval, and savvy people looking for success in day trading need an up-to-the-minute reference like this new edition to steer them straight.

Day trading is a business in which you use real money to take on the markets. If you love the thrill of the markets and have the patience to sit and stare at a screen for hours, waiting for the right moment to get in and get out of securities, then day trading may be a great career option. But it has risks, too. Any day can be your best day, but it can also put you out of business forever. For that reason, day trading requires the right psychological makeup. Good day traders are patient and decisive, confident but not arrogant. They most certainly are not gamblers, although day trading attracts gamblers who discover it's a great way to lose money from home.

Day Trading For Dummies, 3rd Edition, is for people who are looking for a new business or who simply want to supplement their investment returns with new techniques. In this book you can find all the information you need to determine whether you're cut out for day trading, to lay out your home office, to research and plan ...

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