Chapter 3

Intra-Day Golden Rules: Entry/Exit Setups

This chapter is hands-down the most fundamental step-by-step portion of my intra-day trading strategy. Before I begin, however, I want to make one crucial point crystal clear.

If you've fast-forwarded to this section without reading everything previous to it, then you will not grasp the material. You'll end up applying what I'm teaching with a one-dimensional viewpoint, and that's a recipe for disaster. If you are the reader I'm talking about, then I'll assume that you're seeking a quick-and-easy strategy to make huge profits right away. That is not going to happen. Anyone who promises that is scamming you, and that guy isn't me. So please go back and start from the beginning.

To the readers who've been with me since the first page of this book, my apologies for that tirade. But I have to lecture you a bit also. Even after thoroughly reading this section and committing every lesson to your memory, prior to going live with real money, you will need formal training. You can certainly test the system by paper trading, but it won't start to truly work for you until you've learned it hands-on.

I'll begin with the Golden Rules. Then I'll present guidelines and procedures that must be followed to the T.

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