Chapter 5

Introduction to Swing Trading: Basic Rules and Procedures

At this point, it's crucial for you to already know the intra-day portion of this system. If not, you won't grasp and adequately apply the instructions on swing trading essentials that follow.

If you've studied the previous section, then you've learned how to use the daily price levels when finding the intra-day setups, and you've also learned how to apply the intra-day Golden Rules. Without them, you won't enter swing levels properly. Why? The intra-day levels help to determine your adjusted swing levels. Without them, your swing entries will be as much as $1 or more off.

This is more fully explained in Part 4, where I introduce you to fusion. In this part, which I've broken into two separate chapters to help you conceptualize, you'll learn the more profitable, yet more risky, swing trading strategy.

“Why is it more risky than intra-day trading?” you might want to know. It is because you're holding overnight and potentially with more than 300 shares. So swing trading is much more advanced than intra-day. Whether I formally coach you or you risk it alone, either way, it takes weeks to master.

In this part of the text I show only swing trading setups. Again, you'll learn how to merge intra-day trades with swing trades in Part 4 on fusion. For now my main goal is to show you how to recognize which levels are swing levels and which swing ...

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