Chapter 9

Maximizing Net Profits and Minimizing Losses on Overall Trade Setups

When it comes to explaining on paper, this chapter is by far the most difficult. Not being able to describe it in real time on interactive charts created a huge challenge for my editor, and is frustrating for me as a coach.

As I worked on this book I found myself doubtful about including the most advanced strategies. I thought that perhaps I should only reveal them one-on-one to those under my direct training, and not fling them out here capriciously. In the end I decided to add them, regardless of my misgivings. I figured some readers might desire the option to try advanced methods on their own. If they floundered and lost money or otherwise needed guidance, they would know where to find me.

But just as I've often mentioned—and it's even truer in this chapter—I'm afraid of what can happen if you try something tough with real capital and no formal training. At the risk of driving you nuts with my nagging, I'll reiterate that here you're only seeing the framework, the map of my Fusion Trading, and the map and the road are not the same. That's especially true when the unknown terrain gets denser and more convoluted and you're down in it all by yourself.

Advancement in any profession takes formal direction and coaching. It requires a guide who knows the terrain. As a seasoned director in day trading, I decided to omit the chart setups that would illustrate the strategies you'll find in this chapter. ...

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