Chapter 10

My Trading Room and How It Works

I would like to start by reminding you that if I enter at a certain price level with a certain amount of shares, that doesn't mean you should be entering at that level or with that many shares. At this point I don't have to tell you why, but for the sake of risk management I'm telling you just the same, because being a nag about your not going broke is three-fifths of who I am.

As a beginner in this system, you haven't mastered it yet, and you may have less capital than I do. So you shouldn't be trading a first-tier swing level and you should only be trading in 100-share blocks. In most other online trading rooms that offer you instruction, that's not how it is. What you'll find there is counterintuitive and risky to the point of insane. Most are bogus, or they don't provide correct information. The operator/trader is offering only what works for him, with no clue what works for you. Many online trading rooms make their calls after the fact, meaning they reverse-engineer what happened in-market that day, and then they don't post their trading results until after the closing bell. Of course, this makes them look really profitable. Does the word illegal come to mind here? Many online trading rooms are thinly disguised scams. At the very least they offer their trade setups not caring that their entry/exit levels may not be the right ones for you.

With that said, are you ready for some good news? My online trading room bridges that quagmire ...

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