Chapter 11

The Day Trader Josh Training Program

So many times I've been asked: “How do you trade full-time and also find the time to coach?” The simple answer is that I don't do both at once, not during the first two hours of the market. The deeper way to answer the question occurs to me in two versions, one short and one long. The short answer is I enjoy teaching others. I love to show others how to make consistent profits.

Day trading stocks independently tends to be a solitary profession, and I'm not a loner. I enjoy interacting with my trainees, and also my graduates who become professional traders. I love being there when my trainees first realize this system actually works. That pleases me more than anything that I may achieve by myself.

The long-story reason is that, someday, I plan to have my own private equity trading floor on or near Wall Street, or sunny San Diego, preferably both. In order to have highly seasoned traders on my floor, I need to sufficiently train them. I need to develop and thoroughly groom our future trading group. I'm currently in the process of a double evolution. I'm building my trainee/graduate base, and most importantly, I'm acquiring the skill set required in a master private equity day trading coach.

It's extremely important for you to know that my coaching is one-on-one. All live-trading trainees and graduates have access to the same online trading room, but our phone conferences are entirely one-on-one, always just you and me speaking. ...

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