If you've read my first book, The Truth About Day Trading Stocks, then you're well-prepared for this new, more technical application of my trading methodology. Before you get started, all you'll need is awareness of the updates and modifications that have been added since 2008, and that vital information is here.

For those who haven't read The Truth About Day Trading Stocks, I recap the book's major lessons in the first part of this book.

I designed this second book specifically to disclose my proprietary applications to intra-day trading stocks and swing trading stocks (equities). I have been trading since 1998, but I learned most of the applications here while trading on private equity floors near Wall Street. After I disengaged from private equity trading floors I began my own unique system that works for the relatively lower-capitalized independent day trader. After eight years of testing and trading with a high rate of success, I finally designed my own highly transparent trading system.

In this book I show you precisely how I trade stocks by using both intra-day and swing strategies, and most importantly, by using their fusion. You will be introduced in Part 4 to my new term, Fusion Trading.

What is Fusion Trading? Think about it: you can't place an intra-day trade without knowing where your swing levels are. Conversely, you can't place swing trades without considering your intra-day levels. That interconnection is the core of my system and the secret to the ...

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