Discovering Day Trader Josh

How I Trained, and How I Journeyed Closer to Wall Street

My journey began back in 1998, in sunny San Diego. I caught a free trading seminar and learned that it's possible to sit in my shorts and make tons of money online, buying and selling stocks at home. I opened a traditional online day trading account through a prominent pay-per-trade broker. Back then, I was paying about $14.99 per trade.

I also found out how easy it is to lose a lot of money very fast. I began searching for day trading academies. I purchased every relevant book I could find. I was desperate to learn how to profit consistently.

I found a three-day intensive trading program in Irvine, CA. It cost $6,500. It offered no guarantees, but the lunches were free! The trader/instructor who sold me over the phone was very convincing. He promised I would learn some proprietary information that would catapult my day trading to glorious new heights.

After the three-day program I came home to my trading station. At the time it was two laptops and a 36-inch Gateway monitor. I felt like a truly professional trader. My confidence level was through the roof.

To make a long story short, I lost so much money within one year that I had to sell my house. I also almost lost my fiancée.

I was a mess! I had to take a break from full-time day trading. I searched for some kind of small business for myself in order to pay the bills. I started a mobile car detailing business and quit actively day trading ...

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