Chapter 11. Accessing DB2 dimensional data using Cognos 541
11.7 Conclusion: benefits
The Cognos BI Solution is able to derive immediate benefit from the DB2 Cube
Views. The Cognos DB2 Dimensional Metadata Wizard connects directly to DB2
DB2 Cube Views, and extracts the metadata, mirroring it to the Cognos BI
Solution. Dimensions, measures, and hierarchies are replicated, providing
extensibility to the DB2 Cube Views, and the further capability to enhance and
build upon the business value presented by the metadata.
To build the reports in “Scenarios” on page 524, Cognos ran several SQL based
reports leveraging the MQTs and the metadata from DB2 Cube Views. Dramatic
improvements in performance were realized with these reports. The architecture
of the Cognos BI Solution leverages the improved query performance with the
use of SQL based Impromptu reports, via drill through and direct query.
Maximum benefit of the MQTs is realized when the SQL reports themselves are
built using the intelligence of the metadata in combination with the definitions of
the MQTs. Optimal performance of the Impromptu report is realized.
The metadata import greatly facilitates the designing and creation of effective
and meaningful MOLAP PowerCubes. PowerCube data population uses
transaction level data, and as MQTs are generally built at summary levels, this
process will not necessarily leverage MQTS. Users navigate large volumes of
summarized data with sub-second response times using PowerCubes.
At the time of this publishing, Cognos was set to release Cognos ReportNet.
Cognos ReportNet was designed and developed to meet the requirements of all
areas of enterprise reporting (ad hoc reporting, managed reporting, production
reporting). ReportNet leverages DB2 Cube Views, providing complete reporting
Cognos offers the widest spectrum of BI capabilities in the industry. Reporting,
analysis, ad hoc query, scorecarding, visualization, and event detection are all
delivered in a seamless BI environment that allows users to navigate integrated
information intuitively and manage business performance from a central portal.
Combined with the metadata management, high speed aggregations, summary
and optimizations of DB2 Cube Views, the complete Cognos-IBM Solution is
sure to meet and exceed customer expectations. Cognos BI embraces and
enhances DB2 Cube Views, extending business value by providing robust and
complete reporting and analysis, scorecarding, planning and monitoring
542 DB2 Cube Views: A Primer
Cognos is the world leader in business intelligence (BI) and performance
planning software for the enterprise. Cognos solutions let companies drive
performance with enterprise planning and budgeting; monitor performance with
enterprise scorecarding; and understand their performance with the reporting
and analysis of Enterprise business intelligence. To help its customers maximize
the value of their investment in Cognos software, the company offers
award-winning support and services available around the world, through support
centers located in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific.
Founded in 1969, Cognos serves more than 22,000 customers around the world.

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