556 DB2 Cube Views: A Primer
Figure 12-11 AVG aggregation example
The MAX aggregation becomes Inventory by Channel as in Figure 12-12.
Figure 12-12 MAX aggregation example
Chapter 12. Accessing DB2 dimensional data using BusinessObjects 557
The SUM aggregation becomes Inventory by other dimensions as in
Figure 12-13.
Figure 12-13 SUM aggregation example
The universe list includes the new measures as shown in Figure 12-14.
Figure 12-14 Universe result
558 DB2 Cube Views: A Primer
12.2.3 Data type conversion
BusinessObjects objects support four data types:
򐂰 Date
򐂰 Character
򐂰 Number
򐂰 Long text
Figure 12-15 lists the internal data types and their equivalent in BusinessObjects
Figure 12-15 Data types

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