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DB2® for z/OS® Version 8 DBA Certification Guide

Book Description

  • A practical guide to DB2 z/OS database administration that is 100 percent focused on running DB2 in z/OS environments

  • The only comprehensive preparation guide for the IBM Certified Database Administrator for DB2 Universal Database V8 z/OS certification

  • Covers database planning, design, implementation, operation, recovery, security, performance, installation, migration, and more

  • Sample test questions help you prepare for both IBM DB2 DBA Tests 700 and 702

  • IBM DB2 Universal Database Version 8 for z/OS offers enterprises unprecedented opportunities to integrate information, deliver it on demand, and manage it simply and cost-effectively. Now, one of the world's leading DB2 consultants presents the definitive guide to administering DB2 UDB V8 databases in z/OS environments. DB2 for z/OS Version 8 DBA Certification Guide also serves as a key tool for anyone preparing for IBM Certified Database Administrator for DB2 Universal Database V8 for z/OS certification.

    IBM Gold Consultant Susan Lawson presents hundreds of practical techniques, expert guidelines, and useful tips for every facet of DB2 UDB database administration, including database implementation, operation, recovery, security, auditing, performance, installation, migration, SQL, and more. Coverage includes

  • Understanding the DB2 product family, architecture, attachments, and the DB2 z/OS environment

  • Securing enterprise-class DB2 installations and applications

  • Using SQL to create and manage database objects, and manipulate and retrieve information

  • Mastering key DBA tasks, including loading, reorganizing, quiescing, repairing, and recovering data; recovering and rebuilding indexes; and gathering statistics

  • Implementing data sharing in Parallel Sysplex environments

  • Learning the fundamentals of DB2 application development from the DBA's perspective

  • Leveraging advanced DB2 functions, including stored procedures and other object-relational extensions

  • Optimizing DB2 applications and the DB2 engine for maximum performance

  • Whether you are administering DB2 UDB V8 in z/OS environments, planning to do so, or preparing for DB2 UDB V8 DBA certification, DB2 for z/OS Version 8 DBA Certification Guide will be your single most valuable resource.