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Decision Support Basics

Book Description

Because of increasing complexity, rapid change, and risk, managers have an obligation to shareholders to learn about and understand computerized decision support systems (DSS). Managers must know much more about information technology solutions and especially computerized decision support. This book is targeted to busy managers and MBA students who need to grasp the basics of computerized decision support. Some of the topics covered include the following: What is a DSS? What do managers need to know about computerized decision support? And how can managers identify opportunities to create innovative DSS? Overall, the book addresses 35 fundamental questions that are relevant to understanding computerized decision support.

In a short period of time, managers can "get up to speed" on decision support, analytics, and business intelligence. The book then provides a quick reference to important recurring questions. The questions are arranged in a logical order from more general questions to more specific, including specialized questions of interest to managers and future managers.