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Declarative React: Learning React Router 4

Video Description

If you are looking for a best-in-class routing option for React, look no further than React Router 4. It provides a great library for your React or React Native projects with a simple syntax. In this course, we’ll explore the basics of Router 4 and apply them to two projects: a React web application and a React Native application. We’ll explore the library in detail, covering subjects such as basic routing, linking, code-splitting, animation in routing, and much more. Learners must have JavaScript ES6 standards experience and basic React app development experience.

  • Explore and understand all of the basic capabilities of React Router 4
  • Learn how React Router 4 applies to web React applications
  • Discover how React Router 4 applies to React Native applications

Emmanuel Henri weaves web wonders at Québec City-based Manny Designs. A full-stack developer with 20 years of experience in programming, technology, and design, Manny's toolbox includes JIRA/Atlassian tools, agile methods, Meteor, React, Node, JavaScript, Swift, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, and MySQL. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Athabasca University.