Decoding the IT Value Problem: An Executive Guide for Achieving Optimal ROI on Critical IT Investments

Book description

Gain greater returns from your IT investments

Revealing the secrets to proven, effective strategies that enable businesses to leverage the full value of highly expensive IT investments, Decoding the IT Value Problem is a no-nonsense guide for making smart IT investments and cutting through the noise of vendor marketing and media hype. Author Gregory Fell describes in rich detail the actual processes, frameworks, infrastructure and discipline required to develop and execute corporate IT strategies that are profitable and sustainable.

  • Provides a proven framework for developing and successfully executing profitable IT strategies

  • Plain English guidance for gaining the most return on investment from critical IT investments

  • Explores developing and executing IT strategy; forecasting, calculating and managing IT costs; leveraging IT investments to drive business growth; IT and the evolving global economy; IT value management; communicating IT value across the enterprise; and leading change, transformation and innovation

  • If you're a senior level manager or executive responsible for managing IT value in your business, Decoding the IT Value Problem is the practical and clearly written guide you'll turn to, with tools and tips for smart investment and management of IT costs.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Dedication
    5. Contents
    7. PREFACE
    10. CHAPTER 1: The Value of IT
      1. The 80/20 Law of IT Spending
      2. The User Interface Is Not the Project
      3. Just Like Buying a Car
      4. Don't Forget Maintenance Costs
      5. The Math of Availability
      6. My Favorite Analogy
      7. The Hard Facts of Uptime
    11. CHAPTER 2: Why IT Projects Fail
      1. Technology Is Not the Problem
      2. Communication Is Critical
      3. IT Projects Are Really Business Process Change Projects
      4. When You Change a Process, Don't Forget the People
      5. Paradigm Shifts Are Real
    12. CHAPTER 3: The Washington Principle
      1. The Skills of a Leader
      2. Why We Need IT Governance
      3. A Process for Generating Commitment
      4. They Cannot Read Your Mind
      5. Multiple Levels of Governance
      6. Delivering Expected Value
      7. The Basics of Good Governance
    13. CHAPTER 4: Balancing Risk and Exposure
      1. The CIA Model of Risk Assessment
      2. An Easy Method for Modeling Risk
      3. The Risk Profile Matrix
      4. Bring Options and Recommendations to the Table
      5. Managing IT Security Risks
      6. What about the Black Swan?
      7. Note
    14. CHAPTER 5: Time Is the Enemy
      1. Riding to Nowhere?
      2. It's All about Time
      3. If Necessary, Rebaseline the Project
      4. The 5 Whys
    15. CHAPTER 6: Software Is Not Manufactured
      1. The Art of Programming
      2. Consider Agile or Lean Methodologies
    16. CHAPTER 7: Technology Disruptors
      1. Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon
      2. Think Like a VC
      3. When Technology Disruption Hits Close to Home
      4. Specific Trends to Watch
      5. Beyond the Keyboard and Screen
      6. Encourage Exploration, Experimentation, and Fast Failure
    17. CHAPTER 8: The Office of Know
      1. Correcting a Classic Case of Misalignment
      2. Are CIOs Wired Differently?
      3. Sometimes There's a Good Reason for Being Risk Averse
      4. Technology Is Not the Only Solution
      5. The View from the Crow's Nest
      6. Faster, Nimbler, and More Proactive
      7. Walking the Assembly Line
      8. Gone Hunting
      9. Moving from No to Yes
    18. CHAPTER 9: Enterprise Resource Planning
      1. ERP Basics
      2. ERP versus Best of Breed
      3. Single Instance versus Multiple Systems
      4. Keeping ERP Systems Up to Date
    19. CHAPTER 10: Outsourcing IT
      1. Three Strategies
      2. Your Vendor Is Not Your Partner
      3. The Value of Being Selective
      4. Outsourcing to the Cloud
      5. Scale Counts
      6. Offshoring
      7. Outcome-Based Outsourcing
    20. CHAPTER 11: Rebaselining the IT Budget
      1. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Is Not a Good Business Strategy
      2. The Annual Budget Trap
      3. A Different Approach
      4. Moore's Law and the Cost of IT
      5. And the Moral of the Story Is . . .
      6. Some IT Projects Are Very Expensive
    21. CHAPTER 12: The CFO's Perspective
      1. Cash, Risk, and Benefits
    22. CHAPTER 13: Optimizing the CEO–CIO Relationship
      1. Making a Strategic Contribution
      2. The CIO Evolution
    23. CHAPTER 14: Conclusions
      1. Don't Burn Your Money
      2. Note
    26. INDEX

    Product information

    • Title: Decoding the IT Value Problem: An Executive Guide for Achieving Optimal ROI on Critical IT Investments
    • Author(s): Gregory J. Fell
    • Release date: September 2013
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118438053