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Deep Dive into API Gateway and Building a Serverless Application

Video Description

Building applications using the API Gateway

About This Video

  • Learn to build a sample application using the entire serverless picture
  • Recognize the power of the Serverless ecosystem with AWS services including DynamoDB, API Gateway, and much more!
  • Get hands-on experience and learn through real-world examples

In Detail

In this course, we’ll focus on the next component of AWS that offers serverless computing—the API gateway service. You’ll learn how to develop the various parts of the API gateway. Then we’ll look into deploying the API gateway. We’ll also show you how to secure the API gateway.

We’ll look at the key aspect of how to integrate AWS Lambda and the API gateway. Finally, we’ll look at the entire serverless architecture, putting all the key components together and then building a sample application using the entire serverless picture.