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Deep Dive into AWS Lambda

Video Description

Explore and discover the Serverless ecosystem with AWS services including DynamoDB

About This Video

  • Dive into the Serverless world of AWS Lambda and master its core components and how it works
  • Explore best practices to effectively monitor and troubleshoot Serverless applications using AWS CloudWatch
  • Efficiently design, develop, and test Lambda functions using Node.js

In Detail

AWS Lambda is a new computer platform in the cloud that offers a zero-administration experience for back-end developers and uses microservices to automatically manage compute resources for you.

This video course starts with an introduction to the world of Serverless computing and its advantages and use cases, followed by a deep dive into AWS Lambda. You’ll be introduced to the concepts of Serverless computing and will get to know about the benefits. Then we’ll cover how to build and deploy an AWS Lambda function, and you’ll learn to integrate AWS Lambda with Simple Storage Service. Along the way, you’ll also discover how to design and deploy considerations for AWS Lambda.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to Serverless Computing
    1. The Course Overview 00:02:39
    2. Traditional Deployment and Infrastructure Mechanisms 00:03:59
    3. Welcome to the Brave New World of Serverless Computing 00:02:52
    4. Introduction to the API Gateway 00:04:17
    5. Introduction to AWS Lambda 00:03:33
  2. Chapter 2 : Architecture and Components of AWS Lambda
    1. Concepts of AWS Lambda 00:03:22
    2. Components of AWS Lambda 00:02:22
    3. Your First AWS Lambda Function - Build 00:03:00
    4. Your First AWS Lambda Function - Deploy 00:02:08
    5. Your first AWS Lambda Function - Results 00:01:58
    6. Lambda Blueprints 00:03:12
  3. Chapter 3 : Integration between AWS Lambda and the Simple Storage Service
    1. Quick Review on the Simple Storage Service 00:03:20
    2. AWS Lambda and Simple Storage Service with Node.js 00:02:11
    3. AWS Lambda and Simple Storage Service with Node.js - Demo 00:04:11
    4. AWS Lambda and Simple Storage Service with Java 00:03:29
    5. AWS Lambda and Simple Storage Service with Java - Demo 00:14:04
  4. Chapter 4 : Integration between AWS Lambda and DynamoDB
    1. Quick Review on the DynamoDB Service 00:02:50
    2. Setting Up DynamoDB for AWS Lambda 00:03:55
    3. AWS Lambda and DynamoDB - Working with Tables 00:05:43
    4. AWS Lambda and DynamoDB - Working with Streams 00:05:47
  5. Chapter 5 : Design and Deployment Considerations for AWS Lambda
    1. Versioning in AWS Lambda 00:07:14
    2. Using Environment Variables 00:04:25
    3. Viewing Lambda Metrics 00:03:34
    4. Viewing CloudWatch Logs 00:02:19
    5. Quick Review on CloudFormation 00:03:31
    6. Deploying Lambda Applications Using CloudFormation 00:06:12
    7. Automated Deployment of Lambda Applications 00:06:01
    8. Troubleshooting AWS Lambda 00:02:23
    9. Best Practices for AWS Lambda 00:03:44