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Deep Learning and Neural Networks in PyTorch for Beginners

Video Description

Getting started with neural networks in PyTorch - Facebook's great neural network framework

About This Video

  • Requires only basic knowledge in Python and Math
  • It's a beginner's course but experience with neural networks is certainly an advantage

In Detail

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the hottest topic currently out there, there's no doubt about that. This is the future. Neural networks in particular have seen a lot of attention and they will be used everywhere -self driving cars, predictions in finance and sales forecasts - everywhere and across all industries. To be successful in the working world of tomorrow we have to expose ourselves to this interesting topic - and from the author's personal experience - coding your own neural network is the best way to understand how they work. Besides TensorFlow there is a new very interesting deep learning framework which is developed by Facebook - PyTorch. A challenge? Indeed. But together we can do it. Excited? I hope so. See you in the first lecture. Let's get into it.