CHAPTER 8Protecting Your Team Against Zombies, Dinosaurs, Parasites, and Terrorists

Think back to when you saw that first presentation and decided to join the business. I’m betting you had no idea you were going to have to defend yourself against zombies, dinosaurs, parasites, and terrorists. It sounds like a convoluted mix of science fiction, historical documentaries, medical shows, and action thrillers, right? No (yawn), just the everyday life of working a Leveraged Sales business.

To protect yourself and your team, you need to know what these threats are and how to defend against them. Let’s begin by defining the terms.

MLM Zombies

They are the walking dead. They’ve been in so many deals that their credibility has long been deceased, but they keep lurking, looking for new uninformed victims. They determine which company to join based solely on their personal monetary upside, with absolutely no consideration about the viability of the product, the integrity of the people involved, or the legality of the deal. The only criteria that matters to them are the quality of the sweetheart deal they can negotiate and whether the concept can be readily marketed to exploit the gullible. The timing of when they jump from program to program is determined by how much time is remaining on their last sweetheart deal and whether someone else is offering them a better one.

About a decade ago, the company I was working with opened a new market and made one of these deals with a couple living ...

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