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Degunking Windows 7

Book Description

Restore your Windows 7 PC to peak performance!

Degunking Windows 7 is the fast, affordable way to keep your computer running quickly and efficiently. Over time, Windows PCs can slow down due to unnecessary programs, files, errors, and other "gunk." This book's proven Degunking 12-Step Program shows you how to organize your hard disk, load and run only the programs and processes you need, and restore the speed, responsiveness, and reliability your PC had when it was brand new. This do-it-yourself guide puts the practical information the expert PC technicians know directly into your hands, saving you lots of time and money!

Degunking Windows 7 shows you how to:

  • Remove unwanted data and programs
  • Organize your file system
  • Unclutter your desktop, start menu, and taskbar
  • Optimize your hard drive
  • Tune up and secure Internet Explorer
  • Organize your email
  • Secure your computer
  • Clean up and secure your network
  • Fix problems with media
  • Optimize syncing
  • Resolve lingering software and hardware issues
  • Back up precious files

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents
  4. Foreword
  5. Preface
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. 1 Why Is My Computer All Gunked Up?
    1. You Are Here! (But, Why?)
    2. What the Experts Know
    3. Understand How You Got So Gunked Up
    4. Too Many Connected Devices
    5. Are You Gunked Up?
    6. Ready for Degunking?
    7. Summing Up
  9. 2 The Degunking 12-Step Program
    1. The Strategy Behind Degunking
    2. Important Questions to Ask Yourself
    3. The Hard Disk and Default Folders
    4. Programs and Services
    5. E-Mail
    6. Updates
    7. Security
    8. Backups
    9. Recovery Tools
    10. The Degunking 12-Step Program
    11. Summing Up
  10. 3 Remove Unwanted Data and Programs
    1. Clean Up the Default Folders and Libraries
    2. Clean Up and Organize Your Hard Drive
    3. Get Rid of Unwanted Programs
    4. Clean the Nooks and Crannies
    5. Remove Unwanted User Accounts
    6. Summing Up
  11. 4 Organize Your File System
    1. Manage Data in Folders
    2. Create Personalized Subfolders
    3. Incorporate Libraries
    4. Use Public Folders to Your Advantage
    5. Share a Personal Folder You Create
    6. Finalize the Organizational Process
    7. Summing Up
  12. 5 Clean Up Your Desktop, Start Menu, and Taskbar
    1. The Desktop
    2. The Start Menu
    3. The Taskbar
    4. Summing Up
  13. 6 Optimize Your Hard Drive
    1. NTFS and FAT
    2. Get Rid of Unsigned Drivers
    3. Enhance Performance
    4. Clean Up the Registry
    5. Summing Up
  14. 7 Clean Up and Secure Internet Explorer 8
    1. Improve Performance
    2. Improve Security
    3. Organize Favorites
    4. Explore Alternative Browsers
    5. Summing Up
  15. 8 Clean Up Your E-Mail
    1. Manage Your Inbox
    2. Reduce Spam
    3. Know How to Back Up E-Mail Data
    4. Summing Up
  16. 9 Secure Your Computer
    1. Use, er, User Accounts
    2. Protect Your Computer with Built-In Windows 7 Features
    3. Protect Against Viruses, Malware, and Adware
    4. Summing Up
  17. 10 Clean Up and Secure Your Network
    1. Verify Your Network Is Secure
    2. Re-create Your Network and/or Create a Homegroup
    3. Keep Your Network Degunked
    4. Summing Up
  18. 11 Fix Problems with Media
    1. General Media Degunking
    2. Degunk Windows Media Center
    3. Summing Up
  19. 12 Optimize Syncing
    1. Explore Device Stage
    2. Explore Windows Media Player
    3. Take Inventory of Third-Party Hardware and Software
    4. Summing Up
  20. 13 Resolve Lingering Software and Hardware Issues
    1. Finalize Software Degunking
    2. Finalize Hardware Degunking
    3. Tweak System Restore Settings
    4. Repair a Problem Using the Windows 7 Installation DVD
    5. Physically Clean the Machine
    6. Summing Up
  21. 14 Back Up Precious Files
    1. Make Sure Safeguards Are in Place
    2. Learn What to Back Up and How Often
    3. Use the Windows 7 Backup and Restore Application
    4. Drag and Drop Files to a USB Flash Drive
    5. Understand How to Restore Your Computer
    6. Summing Up
  22. A Buy and Degunk a New PC
    1. How, When, and Why to Buy a New PC
    2. Prepare and Degunk a New PC
    3. Summing Up
  23. Index