Chapter 6

The Failure Myth

It was dark when Josh left the house the next morning. Fall is here, he thought. The time is flying by. That thought immediately reminded him of the whiteboard at the office and the few remaining days before the end of the month, and he felt a knot form in his stomach. It tightened further as he remembered that he had yet to tell Kiera the whole story about what was going on at the office.

To meet Amy, Josh took a street he seldom traveled on. As he slowed near the end of the block, he was shaken from his anxious contemplation by the sight of a woman in the dawn light carrying a sleeping child from an idling car up the walk to a home.

The woman was Wendy. Josh slowed, and saw Wendy kiss the sleeping child, and then pass her to an older woman at the house door. As she turned to leave, Josh could see the sadness in Wendy's face. She looked like she was on the brink of tears.

Josh met Amy at a park, and Josh commented on her apparent love of the outdoors.

“I just find I think better,” she said. “Work doesn't have to mean a desk—at least, not for me.”

Listening to the morning birds and sipping a fresh, hot coffee, Josh could find no fault with her argument.

“So you understood Anna's point yesterday?” Amy asked, after a few quiet minutes.

“Definitely. She's right—I really do know what to do. I just need to do more of it. When I really looked at my behavior over the past year, I realized that I wasn't doing much of what I knew. I was busy, but not productive, ...

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