Making a phone call from your app!

Many mobile devices, especially in the consumer market, are phones or devices that can make phone calls. In some cases, your mobile app may have the ability to make a call or just monitor the incoming or outgoing calls.

Getting ready

In this recipe, we'll see how to make a call and how to monitor the current calls as well. Also, in this case, the useful FireMonkey platform services framework comes in handy.

How to do it…

  1. Create a new mobile app by navigating to File | New | Multi-Device Application Delphi.
  2. Select the Header/Footer template and click on OK.
  3. Drop the following components on the main form:
    • TEdit (edtPhoneNumber)
    • TButton (btnCall)
    • TListBox (lbCalls)
    • TListBox (lbInfo)
  4. Arrange the components as shown in the following ...

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