How to do it...

Follow these step-by-step instructions to synchronize shared resources with TMonitor:

  1. Create a new VCL Forms Application (navigate to File | New | VCL Forms Application).
  1. Drop a TButton, TListBox, and TTimer component on the form.
  2. Name the TButton component as btnStart, and change the value of Caption to Multiple writes on a shared file.
  3. Add a new unit to the project, call it FileWriterThreadU.pas, and add the following code to it:
unit FileWriterThreadU; 
  System.Classes, System.SyncObjs, System.SysUtils, System.IOUtils; 
  TThreadHelper = class helper for TThread 
    function WaitFor(ATimeout: Cardinal): LongWord; platform; 
  TFileWriterThread = class(TThread) 
  private FStreamWriter: TStreamWriter; ...

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