Profiling with TStopwatch

Delphi includes a helpful unit called System.Diagnostics, which implements a TStopwatch record. It allows us to measure time events with a better precision than 1 millisecond and has a pretty exhaustive public interface, as shown in the code fragment below:

type  TStopwatch = record  public    class function Create: TStopwatch; static;    class function GetTimeStamp: Int64; static;    procedure Reset;    procedure Start;    class function StartNew: TStopwatch; static;    procedure Stop;    property Elapsed: TTimeSpan read GetElapsed;    property ElapsedMilliseconds: Int64 read GetElapsedMilliseconds;    property ElapsedTicks: Int64 read GetElapsedTicks;    class property Frequency: Int64 read FFrequency; class property IsHighResolution: Boolean ...

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