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Dependency Injection with Dagger for Android Development

Video Description

This video series explains Dagger 2 and Dependency Injection. There are five clips in the series:

  • Dagger and Dependency Injection Overview. This first clip in the series explains Dagger 2 and Dependency Injection (DI) and shares their benefits. Also learn how to set up the Dagger 2 environment.
  • Dagger Components. This second clip in the series covers main components of Dagger 2 including the Activity Scope and Application Scope.
  • Scopes and Qualifiers. This third clip in the series covers Dagger 2 scopes and qualifiers, and dives deeper into the Application Scope.
  • Converting into a DI App. This fourth clip in the series creates a simple application and then converts it into a DI App.
  • Android Injector. This fifth clip in the series covers the Android Injector and explains where it is most useful.