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Deploying and Managing a Cloud Infrastructure: Real-World Skills for the CompTIA Cloud+ Certification and Beyond: Exam CV0-001

Book Description

Learn in-demand cloud computing skills from industry experts

Deploying and Managing a Cloud Infrastructure is an excellent resource for IT professionals seeking to tap into the demand for cloud administrators. This book helps prepare candidates for the CompTIA Cloud+ Certification (CV0-001) cloud computing certification exam. Designed for IT professionals with 2-3 years of networking experience, this certification provides validation of your cloud infrastructure knowledge.

With over 30 years of combined experience in cloud computing, the author team provides the latest expert perspectives on enterprise-level mobile computing, and covers the most essential topics for building and maintaining cloud-based systems, including:

  • Understanding basic cloud-related computing concepts, terminology, and characteristics

  • Identifying cloud delivery solutions and deploying new infrastructure

  • Managing cloud technologies, services, and networks

  • Monitoring hardware and software performance

  • Featuring real-world examples and interactive exercises, Deploying and Managing Cloud Infrastructure delivers practical knowledge you can apply immediately. And, in addition, you also get access to a full set of electronic study tools including:

  • Interactive Test Environment

  • Electronic Flashcards

  • Glossary of Key Terms

  • Now is the time to learn the cloud computing skills you need to take that next step in your IT career.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Dedication
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. About the Authors
    7. Contents at a Glance
    8. Contents
    9. Table of Exercises
    10. Introduction
    11. Chapter 1: Understanding Cloud Characteristics
      1. Basic Terms and Characteristics
      2. Object Storage Concepts
      3. Summary
      4. Chapter Essentials
    12. Chapter 2: To Grasp the Cloud—Fundamental Concepts
      1. The True Nature of the Cloud
      2. Virtualization and Scalability
      3. The Cloud Hypervisor
      4. Key Benefits of Implementing Hypervisors
      5. Foundations of Cloud Computing
      6. Summary
      7. Chapter Essentials
    13. Chapter 3: Within the Cloud: Technical Concepts of Cloud Computing
      1. Technical Basics of Cloud and Scalable Computing
      2. The Cloud Infrastructure
      3. Summary
      4. Chapter Essentials
    14. Chapter 4: Cloud Management
      1. Understanding Cloud Management Platforms
      2. Service-Level Agreements
      3. Policies and Procedures
      4. Managing Cloud Workloads
      5. Securing Data in the Cloud
      6. Managing Devices
      7. Summary
      8. Chapter Essentials
    15. Chapter 5: Diagnosis and Performance Monitoring
      1. Performance Concepts
      2. Disk Performance
      3. Impact of Configuration Changes
      4. Common Issues
      5. Summary
      6. Chapter Essentials
    16. Chapter 6: Cloud Delivery and Hosting Models
      1. Private
      2. Public
      3. Hybrid
      4. Community
      5. On-Premises vs. Off-Premises Hosting
      6. Accountability and Responsibility Based on Delivery Models
      7. Security Differences between Models
      8. Functionality and Performance Validation
      9. Orchestration Platforms
      10. Summary
      11. Chapter Essentials
    17. Chapter 7: Practical Cloud Knowledge: Install, Configure, and Manage
      1. Setting Up the Cloud
      2. Virtual Resource Migration
      3. Virtual Components of the Cloud
      4. Summary
      5. Chapter Essentials
    18. Chapter 8: Hardware Management
      1. Cloud Hardware Resources
      2. Management Differences between Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds
      3. Tiering
      4. Summary
      5. Chapter Essentials
    19. Chapter 9: Storage Provisioning and Networking
      1. Cloud Storage Concepts
      2. Cloud vs. SAN Storage
      3. Cloud Provisioning
      4. Cloud Storage Technology
      5. Cloud Storage Gateway
      6. Cloud Security and Privacy
      7. Summary
      8. Chapter Essentials
    20. Chapter 10: Testing and Deployment: Quality Is King
      1. Overview of Deployment Models
      2. Cloud Management Strategies
      3. Cloud Architecture
      4. Cloud Deployment Options
      5. Creating and Deploying Cloud Services
      6. Summary
      7. Chapter Essentials
    21. Chapter 11: Cloud Computing Standards and Security
      1. Cloud Computing Standards
      2. Security Concepts and Tools
      3. Encryption Techniques
      4. Access Control Methods
      5. Implementing Guest and Host Hardening Techniques
      6. Summary
      7. Chapter Essentials
    22. Chapter 12: The Cloud Makes It Rain Money: The Business in Cloud Computing
      1. The Nature of Cloud Business
      2. Cloud Service Business Models
      3. The Enterprise Cloud
      4. Disaster Recovery
      5. Business Continuity and Cloud Computing
      6. Summary
      7. Chapter Essentials
    23. Chapter 13: Planning for Cloud Integration: Pitfalls and Advantages
      1. Work Optimization
      2. The Right Cloud Model
      3. Adapting Organizational Culture for the Cloud
      4. Potholes on the Cloud Road
      5. Summary
      6. Chapter Essentials
    24. Appendix: The CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Exam
      1. Preparing for the Exam
      2. Taking the Exam
      3. Reviewing the Exam Objectives
    25. Index