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Deploying Chromebooks in the Classroom: Planning, Installing, and Managing Chromebooks in Schools and Colleges

Book Description

Learn how to deploy Chromebook computers in a classroom or lab situation and how to navigate the hardware and software choices you face.

This book equips you with the skills and knowledge to plan and execute a deployment of Chromebook computers in the classroom.  Teachers and IT administrators at schools will see how to set up the hardware and software swiftly on your own or with the help of your students.

Step-by-step instructions and practical examples walk you through assessing the practicability of deploying Chromebooks in your school, planning the deployment, and executing it. You'll become an expert in using a Chromebook, developing plans to train your colleagues and students to use Chromebooks, and learn how to run lessons with Google Classroom. You'll learn to manage the computers and the network and troubleshoot any problems that arise.

Make Deploying Chromebooks in the Classroom a part of your instructional library today. 

What You'll Learn
  • Put an easily-manageable computer on each desk for students to learn Internet use and essential office software skills

  • Image, configure, and plan a classroom deployment of Chromebook computers

  • Manage your classroom Chromebook computers and keeping them up and running smoothly and efficiently

Who This Book Is For

Primary audience would be teachers and IT administrators at schools or colleges. It will also appeal to administrators at social clubs or organizations that provide less formal tuition or simply provide Internet access.