Appendix B. Sample Statement of Work for IBM Tivoli Monitoring 381
򐂰 Save time and money managing the IT infrastructure through self-managing
򐂰 Have better visibility and control of an increasing complex IT infrastructure
and applications.
Solution description
This solution will build and deploy a monitoring solution that will allow you to
visualize the computing resources in your IT Infrastructure in order to monitor for
and react to any events that may affect the delivery of critical business services.
We will install and configure the monitoring agents to gather data from one or
more systems that you need to monitor in a heterogeneous operating system
These are the assumptions that are made in this Statement of Work:
򐂰 We will have local administrator access on the servers on which the ITM
components will be installed.
򐂰 We will have administrative access to the servers on which monitoring agents
need to be installed.
򐂰 We will have access to Network Administrators who will be able to configure
firewall ports.
򐂰 We will have details of which users need access to the Tivoli Monitoring
environment, which should be supplied by the customer.
Business Partner responsibilities
This service will be provided according to the high standards of <name of
Business Partner>, an IBM Certified Business Partner.
We will provide the following:
򐂰 Skilled staff to undertake the defined activities
򐂰 Documentation of the completed solution
򐂰 Project management of these activities
Note: Insert any additional responsibilities here that you will be taking on as
part of this project.

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