146 Deployment Guide Series: IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager
4.4.3 Running the plug-ins
Depending on your installation approach and your RDBMS of choice, you might
need to manually run the plug-ins scripts for the Activity Planner and Change
Manager products. In our case, it was not needed, because we decided to
configure the RDBMS in “Server installation” on page 119. If you chose not to
configure the RDBMS during the server installation, you must run the plug-ins
scripts manually.
Ensure that the RIM objects are working before running the scripts. To do that,
you must run the wrimtest command for each RIM object, as shown in
Example 4-6.
Example 4-6 Running the wrimtest command
Checking the available RIM objects.
# wlookup -ar RIM
ccm 1254603259.1.634#RIM::RDBMS_Interface#
mdist2 1254603259.1.590#RIM::RDBMS_Interface#
Testing the RIM communication with the RDBMS.
# wrimtest -l ccm
Resource Type : RIM
Resource Label : ccm
Host Name : rome
User Name : tivoli
Vendor : DB2
Database : cm_db
Database Home : /home/db2inst1/sqllib
Server ID : tcpip
Instance Home : ~db2inst1
Instance Name : db2inst1
Opening Regular Session...Session Opened
RIM : Enter Option >x <===== Type x to leave the RIM connection.
Releasing session
Follow Example 4-7 on page 147 to register the Activity Planner and Change
Manager plug-ins.

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