Interest Rate Futures


After completing this chapter, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • How does interest rate risk affect businesses?

  • What are T-bond futures and T-bill futures?

  • How are interest rate futures contracts priced?

  • How are interest rate futures contracts used?

BOX 8.1 Lack of Interest in Interest Rate Futures

Trading volume in interest rate futures launched on August 31, 2009 declined every day even though there was no transaction fees until December 31, 2009. Daily volume dropped from INR 2.6731 billion on August 31 to INR 0.6327 billion on September 10, or a drop of 76.33% over 10 days. The number of contracts also saw a drop from 14,559 contracts on August 31 to 3,439 contracts ...

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