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Whether you embark on the design journey as a startup or an existing company, one thing is certain: it’s a roller-coaster ride, and it doesn’t end when you come up with an idea. It’s a journey that is meant to scale both the design process and the execution of the idea.


This is the last leg of the journey . . . well, this journey anyway. After going through the double loop, designing a better business, and learning from your customers, the world, and yourself, you should give yourself a hand. You did it! At least once.

Now buckle up, it’s time to get back on the ride.

Designing one innovation is not enough. It’s simply not a one-off thing. As with any profession, design takes practice. Doing it over and over will lead to mastery. Only then will the practice of designing for better business become a mindset.



Rigging a game will turn the numbers in your favor; using design processes to build better businesses will improve your odds (and your organization’s odds) of success. A design mindset that favors understanding, ideation, prototyping, and validation will allow you to execute and scale. Best of all, when you start to develop this mindset and see the world through your own design-colored glasses, you’ll find that not only are your odds better, but you’ll also be able to confidently bet on multiple games at once.

If recent history has proven anything, it’s that organizations that build this ...

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