16 D E S I G N E L E M E N T S Typography Fundamentals
Dierent text in wide-ranging mediums for assorted
viewers provides extensive pographic options. Designers
might navigate multiple mediums or specialize in one or
a limited few. Typography connects all. Numerous
spreads with examples and captions follow to exhibit
the diversi of pographic practice.
An elegant poster has limited and
striking typography. W B (Werner
Bischof) set in Typonine Stencil is
in distinct contrast to the photograph.
The color commands attention, and
the letterform anatomy denes the
alignment of subordinate text. The
B stem, for example, is the main
axis for logos and text, set in sans
serif Akzidenz-Grotesk.
Environmental type engages physical
space. The permanent installation at
the University of Washington School
of Business echoes a link between
business and change. Typeset in Trade
Gothic, stainless-steel letterforms in
the stone ooring spell “change” along
with synonyms like “adapt,” “innovate,
and “transform.” On each oor, words
outside of the elevator doors connect
with those inside the elevator. Revealed
are phrases such as “global change”
and “manage change.”
In Praice
18 D E S I G N E L E M E N T S Typography Fundamentals
These expressively illustrated pieces
are ne examples of type as image.
Miscellaneous letterforms interact
playfully. Just one element of a larger
campaign for the bar Le Buro, the
spirited typographic works enchant.
19 In Praic
Approximately 5,000 letters by composer
Felix Mendelssohn comprise an edition
of books. Book spines feature TheSans
(from the superfamily Thesis) in a range
of weights. A landscape inspired by
Mendelssohn’s music in soft shades
of green and yellow appears when the
volumes sit side by side. Connecting
them provides a distinct surprise.

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