Abnormal flow:

application of, 189–190

and kaizen, 213

recognition of, 32, 36

standard work for (see Standard work for abnormal flow)

top 10 responses to, 204–206

tracking, 114–115

visuals for (see Visuals for abnormal flow)

Acid test for operation, 38–42, 114, 260–261

Alignment, 229

Andon system, 248

Associates, 279–281


Balance charts, 140, 145

BAND-IT, 267

Behavior resulting from improvement:

with employee improvement of flow, 222–223

with lean flow, 168–170

with offense activities, 236–237

and principles of Operational Excellence, 223–225

with standard work for abnormal flow, 212–213

with standard work for flow, 186–187

with visuals for abnormal flow, 196–198

with visuals for flow, 178–180 (See also Value stream maps)

Binary signals, ...

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