Chapter 3

Creating Ideal Conditions


check Generating a spirit of optimism and interest

check Creating the foundations for support at the company

check Seeing reversals as learning opportunities in design thinking

check Preparing and motivating employees for the task

My advice? Don’t rush into things and immediately start with your design thinking task. Invest enough time to prepare your employees and your entourage for design thinking. In this chapter, you'll find out how to create the conditions for success when it comes to your design thinking project. First and foremost, people must be able to see the rationale behind your task. Together with your team and other involved parties at the company, you need to develop a vision for your project by describing the long-term benefit of your work. You'll find out how important it is to get support from top management, and you'll be in a position to demand creative freedom. Lastly, I’ll show you how to make decisions at your company more efficiently. You’ll find out how to identify the required skills for your task and how to motivate your employees ...

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