Chapter 9

Redefining the Problem


check Precisely characterizing your target users

check Describing the question being asked and problem to be solved

check Understanding the problems faced by target users and the wishes they express

check Summarizing the task to continue finding a solution

The phases of design thinking that I spell out in earlier chapters are about collecting meaningful information about the selected problem. In this chapter, I provide a few guidelines on how to use this information to formulate the specific task at hand. Gaining clarity about your target user is an important step. With the help of this definition, I’ll show you how to closely examine the needs of your target users. For one, you have to take a detailed look at their problems in the relevant situation. For another, you have to describe their wishes precisely.

Because you’re sure to discover a variety of problems and wishes, you must make a choice. Based on the selected problems or wishes and the specification of your target person, I’ll show you how to ultimately find a concrete task for your design thinking ...

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