Chapter 15

Ten Success Factors for Interviews


check Planning and completing interviews correctly

check Learning from discussions

check Tackling surveys using different formats

Sharing information with your target users is an essential part of the design thinking process. You can use interviews to learn more about your target users — their wishes as well as their problems. You'll get decisive feedback and new suggestions for your idea for a solution. To succeed with design thinking, it’s important that you plan and complete interviews quickly and efficiently. In this chapter, you’ll find ten factors for successfully carrying out interviews.

Ensuring Good Preparation

Walk through the situation in your mind before the interview. Look at the previous information about the person with whom you want to speak. Think about their character, problems, and needs. You can find information about their educational background, publications, lectures, or job descriptions through social networks or Internet research.

A good way to prepare is to practice the interview with friends or colleagues in advance. Before you start, test whether your questions are clear. You should check each question to see ...

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