Chapter 14. Getting on MyGlass: Glassware Submission, Review, and Distribution

Welcome to the end of the line! (Well, almost.) Now that you know everything about the Glass ecosystem and Google’s vision for wearable computing, it’s time to get you ready to play the main room. You’ve committed to memory the proper steps needed to design highly effective wearable applications and have thoroughly mastered the techniques to build rich functionality for the Glass experience, tying it all together with the Think for Glass philosophy. You’ve reached a critical point following design and development: getting your Glassware submitted for review. This is the all-important final step so your project can be listed in the MyGlass directory so that users can easily discover it and start using your Glassware.

And getting on MyGlass should be the destination you aim for after building an amazing product, as it yields the greatest rewards. So in this chapter we’re going to complete the cycle and show you how to get there in as little time as possible (as we’ve done with the rest of this book) by preparing you for the review phase.

Whether you work at a professional software shop using formal lean product management methodologies or you happen to just be a solo hobbyist who hacks and hacks and hacks until things work right and look good, know this: the more organized you and your project are, the faster you’ll be approved and listed in MyGlass. It’s that simple.

So let’s get it together, and let’s go. ...

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