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Designing and Developing a Modern Jenkins CI System

Video Description

Efficiently build advanced pipelines with pipeline as code, increasing your teams productivity

About This Video

  • Design and develop Jenkins Continuous Integration using the modern methodologies of immutable infrastructure and infrastructure automation
  • Use Git, Docker, Jenkins, Groovy, and Ansible to design, build, configure, and deploy a system that has traditionally been difficult to manage and configure
  • Run Jenkins jobs on slave nodes with persistent and ephimeral slaves and manage your build dependencies

In Detail

Jenkins has been known as a fairly inconvenient tool for deployment and management. This is due to the level of customization required for the deployment of a given piece of software. That fact in combination with the lack of methods to programmatically configure Jenkins has created a barrier to success that we’ll break down in this series. We’ll simplify the Jenkins deployment pattern in order to achieve CI system deployment repeatability and a reduction in CI infrastructure management overhead on top of deterministic continuous integration pipelines.