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Designing and Producing Media-Based Training

Book Description

Training and informational programming has always been an important application of video and is one of the most important applications for multimedia. The use of technology in training for industry, government, health care and education has increased dramatically in recent years. Video, text, graphics, animation and sound are combined in various ways to convey concept, attitude and technical skill.

Designing and Producing Media-Based Training examines why, how and when you can use technology for training, and describes successful approaches to creating effective technology-based training. It describes the instructional design process, scriptwriting, multimedia authoring, media production and new, technology-based training delivery systems.

Among the many topics covered are:

training delivery trends;
the training design process;
defining the audience;
reproduction, program design and production design;
scripting and storyboarding;
uses of light and color;

Written by a highly-experienced training consultant, Designing and Producing Media-Based Training will provide training professionals, corporate managers, multimedia designers and producers, and videomakers with tools for designing effective technology-based training programs.