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Designing Creative High Power Teams and Organizations

Book Description

The very best firms today are poietic organizations; that is, they are exceptional at streamlining the processes of ideation, creation, and production. These poietic organizations do two things well: They design and develop high power teams, and they create an organizational culture and context that supports improvisation, design, experimentation, aesthetic awareness, and strengths development. Great teams exhibit the same characteristics—trust, commitment, and energy. Inside you’ll learn how to design and develop creative high power teams and organizations by first assessing team member strengths using personality factors and multiple intelligences theory. Following these assessments, how to best represent and share this information to promote team development is illustrated, while examining three types of high performance teams—improvisational, design, and research teams. The second half of this book focuses on the major models upon which organizations are built, the pros and cons of these choices, and strategy. Using current research, examples and cases, the author articulates ways to transform your organization into a high power and poietic organization.