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Designing Menus with DVD Studio Pro

Book Description

Compared to other technologies like the television, VCR, and even personal computer, the rapid pace of DVD adoption is unprecedented. This information-packed book offers thorough instruction on how to build appealing DVD menus using the DVD Studio Pro toolset, a sophisticated, professional-level DVD authoring tool from Apple. The book features real-world tutorial projects that demonstrate how to get fast, professional results, add Hollywood features to a DVD, and streamline production while maintaining a creative edge. It also shows how to create a wide variety of menu styles, automate image production, customize menus, construct seamless motion menus, and much more. Written by two graphic designers with years of experience designing interfaces, Designing Menus with DVD Studio Pro is an informative companion to a high-powered piece of software.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
    1. How this Book is Organized
    2. Icon Glossary
    3. How to Use the Book and DVD
    4. Before You Begin
  8. The DVD Menu
    1. Menu Structure
    2. Digital Video and DVD Design
    3. DVD Links and User Operations
    4. The Difference between Still and Motion Menus
    5. Types of Menus
  9. Research, Interaction Design,and Usability
    1. Process
    2. User Research
    3. Design Navigation and Interaction
    4. Interaction Design Deliverables
    5. Tools of the Trade
    6. Helpful Questions
    7. Prototyping
    8. Usability Testing
  10. Design
    1. Graphic Design Principles
    2. Typography
    3. Specifying Body and Display Faces
    4. The Purpose of Grids
    5. Using Color
    6. Imagery
  11. Animation
    1. The Animation Process
    2. Animation Principles and Menu Design
    3. Animation Properties
  12. Using DVD Studio Pro
    1. Assets, Outline, Menu, and Track Tabs
    2. Assets Tab
    3. The Outline Tab
    4. The Disc Object
    5. The Track Object
    6. The Script Object
    7. The Languages Object
    8. The Menu Tab
    9. The Track Tab
  13. Preparing Still Menus
    1. The Workflow
    2. Working with Adobe Photoshop
    3. Working with Photoshop Still Menus Inside DVD Studio Pro
    4. Defining the Menu Buttons
    5. Additional Adjustments
    6. Previewing Your Menu
  14. Preparing Layered Menus
    1. The Workflow
    2. Creating a Layered Menu
  15. Preparing Motion Menus
    1. The Workflow
    2. Working with Final Cut Pro and Motion
    3. Preparing Video with Motion
    4. Working with Motion Menus in DVD Studio Pro
    5. Scripting the Loop Point
  16. Chapter Menus and Navigation
    1. Project Overview
    2. Creating Stories
    3. Creating the Chapter Menu
    4. Setting the Button Navigation
    5. Setting Button Targets
    6. Setting the Track and Story End Jump
    7. Defining the Remote Control’s Menu Function
    8. Setting the Remote’s Return Function
    9. Simulate Your Chapter Menu
  17. The Setup Menu
    1. Creating the Setup Menu
    2. The Resume Button
    3. Setting a Script-Based Resume Action
  18. Adjusting VTS Order
    1. Adjusting the VTS Order in the Outline Tab (Version 3)
    2. Adjusting the VTS Order in the Outline Tab (Version 4)
    3. Layer-Break Considerations
  19. Building and Formatting
    1. Setting the Build Preferences
    2. Building Your Project
    3. Formatting
    4. Region / Copyright
  20. Index