Designing Your Second Life

Book Description

Whether your second, virtual life has just begun, or you’ve been “in-world" for a long time, a successful and rewarding experience depends on your mastery of design. Everything from your avatar to your home, your clothes to your behavior says something about who you are and the way others see you. In this book Rebecca Tapley—“Mera Luan” in SL—shows you how to design everything from bodies to earrings, cars to castles, for improved appearance, function, and usability. Real-world topics such as urban planning, color theory, user experience, interior design, and landscaping are mapped to SL conditions. Learn how to spot the best skin and hair, clothing, architecture and construction, property for sale, and more. In addition, Rebecca’s insights and observations on Second Life etiquette, manners, customs, and other subtle socio-cultural realities will help you make your way through this new and sometimes baffling world. Have a more rewarding second life by learning how to:

  • Create a realistic or fantastical avatar

  • Make gorgeous clothes and other luxury goods

  • Build impressive homes and planned communities

  • Develop whole islands

  • Establish a social community and career Life.

  • Product Information

    • Title: Designing Your Second Life
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: July 2007
    • Publisher(s): New Riders
    • ISBN: 9780321503015