CHAPTER 11Where to Start: Pick Your Site to Apply the Detonate Mindset

In 2006, a snowstorm leveled Boston. New England had already had a pretty tough winter, with significant amounts of snow accumulating each week. The driveway to Geoff's home was short enough that he used to pride himself on being able to shovel it on his own, without help from a machine, and his sons were young enough at the time to be useless beyond the comic relief they provided. As the winter ground on, the snowbanks on either side of the driveway grew to the point that Geoff needed to throw new‐fallen snow two feet above his head to get it on the pile. And then the monster storm hit. It snowed for two days straight; schools closed and authorities advised against travel. In the midst of the storm, there was no reason to go out shoveling as more would just keep coming. Geoff and his sons devised a plan.

It would be the mother of all snow forts. They designed an entryway to be just outside the side door, where there was a covered porch. That allowed the door to open onto direct access to a pile of what was now close to four feet of snow. They drew a tunnel system, taking into account the swing set, and winding around to the massive snow piles on either side of the driveway. They took advantage of a stone wall that would allow for a second story of sorts if they could get some of the leftover plywood in the garage in there for stabilization. As they drew the design on paper, they became increasingly excited. ...

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