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Jared HalpernDeveloping 2D Games with Unity https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3772-4_5

5. Assembling the Nuts and Bolts

Jared Halpern1 
New York, NY, USA

We’ve learned a lot so far about the tools Unity provides to build games, and now we’re going to start putting it all together. In this chapter, we’ll build the C# class structure used for the Player, Enemies, and any other characters that might pop up in a game. We’ll also create a few prefabs that the player can pick up, including coins and power-ups, and learn how to specify which object collisions our game logic cares about and which it doesn’t. We’ll review an important Unity-specific tool called Scriptable Objects, as well as cover techniques for leveraging them to ...

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