Developing 3D Games with Unity

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It's never been easier to make 3D games using the Unity game engine, and in this video you'll learn how. You'll go from an empty screen to the total build-out of a space combat simulator that lets you fly through space to shoot down the asteroids that threaten your spacecraft and a vulnerable space station. As you build the game, you'll learn how to design for 3D gameplay, how to make great looking 3D objects, how to create playable controls for 3D movement, and how the various pieces of Unity fit together to form gameplay.

Designed for those with a very basic understanding of Unity software (what the Inspector is, how to move around in a scene, etc.), this course gives you the hands-on experience you need to create your own games.

  • Develop your Unity skills by constructing a 3D game from concept to completion
  • Gain 3D object development skills by building 3D spaceships, weapons, and asteroids
  • Learn how to move objects through space, fire weapons, and create explosions
  • Discover how to construct 3D scenes and write the C# scripts that control game play
  • Understand the basics of 3D game design and development
Jon Manning is a co-founder of Secret Lab, where he makes games and does research. He has written about a dozen technical books for O’Reilly Media, and wrote two games for ABC Australia’s children's TV series Play School and one for Qantas Airways. He’s currently working on Button Squid, a top-down puzzler for iOS, and is fond of making cool tools for rad devs.

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  • Title: Developing 3D Games with Unity
  • Author(s): Jon Manning
  • Release date: November 2016
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781491969762