Developing a Backbone.js Edge

Book Description

Backbone is a JavaScript library designed to give structure to your web applications. It gives you a robust yet flexible framework to build your client-side JavaScript application.

Backbone doesn't force you into a particular coding style or paradigm. There is no magic happening below the surface: the source code is clear, readable and well commented. Backbone is also lightweight in the sense that it doesn't require a ton of buy-in to use. It can be easily integrated into an existing page, and you can choose to only use certain components of the library (Views without Models or Collections, for example). While there are many frameworks that seem to be faster to get started with, Backbone's lack of surprises, clear documentation, speed and flexibility make it a good fit for all types of apps.

This book incorporates best practices and the techniques from the combined authors' experience of developing many Backbone applications. Some of the resources on the web advocate inefficient or inelegant solutions and there are few that cover the whole library. In this book we aim to provide a complete guide to Backbone and equip you to start using the library straight away.

While writing this book the authors developed an example app, called Hubbub, to illustrate the various features of the library (Hubbub repo on Github: Don't worry, it's not another "Todo App"--rather it's a GitHub issue organizer. The app is more complex than most example apps and uses a real API (Github's). You'll have a chance to build the application as you go through the book.

Product Information

  • Title: Developing a Backbone.js Edge
  • Author(s): Tim Branyen, Phil Freo, David Tonge, Aidan Feldman, Casey Foster
  • Release date: April 2013
  • Publisher(s): Bleeding Edge Press
  • ISBN: 9781939902016