I would like to thank the administration at the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering
and Computer Science at the UTD for giving me the opportunity to direct the
Cyber Security Research and Education Center. I thank my colleagues and stu-
dents for giving me many insights. I would especially like to thank my colleagues
Dr. Latifur Khan and Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu and my PhD student Vaibhav
Khadilkar at the UTD for their research on secure cloud and for our discussions
which gave me many insights to write this book. I thank Ms. Rhonda Walls, our
project coordinator, for proofreading and editing the chapters.
I would also like to thank many people who have supported me in secure cloud
Dr. Robert Herklotz from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research for
funding our research on secure cloud computing. Without this support I
would never have been able to gain the knowledge to write this book.
Dr. Victor Piotrowski from the National Science Foundation for funding our
capacity building work on assured cloud computing.
My colleagues Dr. Kevin Hamlen, Dr. Zhiqiang Lin, Dr. Kamil Sarac, and
Dr. I-Ling Yen at the UTD for discussions on secure cloud computing.
Our collaborators at King’s College, University of London and the University
of Insubria, Italy for our work on cloud-based assured information shar-
ing. In particular, I would like to thank the late Dr. Steve Barker of King’s
College and Dr. Elena Ferrari and Dr. Barbara Carminati of the University
of Insubria, Italy.
Our collaborators on secure cloud computing, especially the late Dr. James
R. Johnson (Dr. Bob) and Ms. Anita Miller at ADB Consulting and Dr. Elisa
Bertino at Purdue University.
Professor C. V. Ramamoorthy at the University of California Berkeley for his
My former student, Dr. Tyrone Cadenhead, for his comments.
My students for their technical contributions to the book: Mr. Vaibhav
Khadilkar (Chapters 14, 15, 22, 24, 27, 28, 32), Mr. Satyen Abrol (Chapter 14),
xxxiv ◾  Acknowledgments
Ms. Jyothsna Rachapalli (Chapter 29), Mr. Pranav Parikh (Chapter 24),
Mr. Arindam Khaled (Chapter 23), Mr. Anduleep Ifthekar (Chapter 33),
Dr. Tyrone Cadenhead (Chapters 27, 28), Dr. Mehedy Masud (Chapter 25),
Dr. Farhan Husain (Chapters 13, 23, 26), and Dr. Neda Alipanah (Chapter 15).
My husband evendra for his continued support for my work and my son
Breman for being such a wonderful person and for motivating me.

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