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Developing Android Applications with Java, Part 2

Video Description

Learn to build mobile applications for the exciting new Android platform. When you purchase this product, you'll get access to the videos, slide presentations, and code examples associated with the online course, Developing Android Applications with Java, Part 2. As you learn, you will build a Twitter app from start to finish.

You can never have too many Twitter clients, as the market has already proven. We'll use a very comprehensive and useful library called twitter4j to do the heavy lifting for us, but there will be plenty of lifting left to do. We'll walk you through setting up sign ins, creating a public timeline, making sure your app is responsive and giving it style to stand out from the flock. Finally, for those times when 140 characters isn't enough, you'll extend your Twitter client to also post photos to the popular Twitpic image service.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview: Build an Android Twitter App
    1. Getting Ready to Build a Twitter App 00:14:29
    2. O'Auth Twitter Authentication and Q&A 00:22:19
  2. Week 1: Getting Authenticated with Twitter
    1. Example Files 00:00:06
    2. Introduction and Review of OAuth 00:05:09
    3. Becoming an OAuth Consumer 00:19:17
    4. Is the User Authenticated? 00:13:57
    5. Loading Twitter's Authentication Page 00:11:43
    6. Saving the Access Tokens 00:37:35
  3. Week 2: Displaying Tweets and the Twitter Public Timeline
    1. Example Files for Week 2 00:00:06
    2. Introduction to Loading Tweets and Threading 00:03:57
    3. Loading the Twitter Home Timeline 00:25:52
    4. Loading Newer Tweets 00:25:29
    5. Loading Older Tweets 00:11:55
    6. Loading on a Thread 00:27:19
    7. Showing the Status Detail View 00:15:09
  4. Week 3: Tweeting from Your App
    1. Example Files for Week 3 00:00:06
    2. Introduction to Threads and Tweets 00:04:51
    3. Loading Avatars with Threads 00:13:52
    4. Loading Avatars with Async Task 00:35:49
    5. Loading Tweets with Async Tasks 00:14:57
    6. Navigating with a Menu 00:20:45
    7. Posting Tweets 00:15:18
    8. Wrap Up, Homework and Q&A 00:08:52
  5. Week 4: Adding Style to Your App
    1. Example Files for Week 4 00:00:06
    2. Introduction to Skinning and Styling your Twitter App 00:07:17
    3. Creating a Theme with Colors and Fonts 00:30:58
    4. Styling Menus and Buttons 00:33:55
    5. Styling the Text Area and the List 00:24:53
    6. Styling for Different Screens 00:21:23
  6. Week 5: Posting Photos from Your App
    1. Example Files for Week 5 00:00:06
    2. Introduction to Posting your Photos to Twitter 00:07:03
    3. Getting Ready for Photos 00:20:22
    4. Attaching a Photo from the Library 00:30:27
    5. Attaching a Photo from the Camera 00:28:36
    6. Posting a Photo 00:17:11
    7. Recap of course and Q&A 00:05:27