Chapter 17. Case Study

You live and learn. At any rate, you live.

Douglas Noel Adams

The Album is a project composed of two AIR applications, one for mobile and one for the desktop. It covers many of the APIs we have discussed in other chapters, and it is meant to be an overview of the book so that you can see how much you have learned.

The Album Application

In the mobile version of the AIR application, the user takes a picture or pulls one from the camera roll. She can save it to a dedicated database, along with an audio caption and geolocation information. The group of saved images is viewable in a scrollable menu. Images can be sent from the device to the desktop via a wireless network.

In the desktop version, the user can see an image at full resolution on a large screen. It can be saved to the desktop, and it can also be edited and uploaded to a photo service.


Thanks to Mihai Corlan for his original idea which I expanded for this case study:

Please download the two applications from this book’s website at

This chapter does not discuss all the code for this project. Instead, it highlights some specific points of interest. Every API used in this application was covered in the book and should be easy to follow. Refer to the code comments for additional information.


The Album application does not exist in the Android Market, nor is it meant for public ...

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